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Red Button

Red Button

New No. 1 on the Apple Music Top Songs chart: Red Button by Drake.

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Drake's Ode to Competition and Camaraderie

Drake's latest track, "Red Button," from his new project "Scary Hours 3" [], has been making waves in the music industry []. The song is a lyrical masterpiece that not only showcases Drake's rap prowess but also reveals his respect for fellow artists and his thoughts on the music industry [,,].

A Shout-out to Taylor Swift

One of the most talked-about aspects of "Red Button" is Drake's shout-out to pop star Taylor Swift. In the song, Drake raps, "Taylor Swift the only n*a that I ever rated/ Only one could make me drop the album just a little later/ Rest of y'all, I treat you like you never made it" [,]. This line is a testament to Swift's influence in the music industry, with Drake acknowledging that he would delay his album release to avoid clashing with hers []. This respect for Swift is further evidenced by a photo Drake shared on his Instagram in April 2022, featuring him with his arms around the pop star, leading to speculation about a possible collaboration [].

The Drake-Kanye Feud

"Red Button" also touches on Drake's on-and-off feud with Kanye West. Drake raps, "Every time that Yeezy called a truce, he had my head inflated/ Thinkin' we gon' finally peace it up and get to levitating/ Realize that everything premeditated/ Everyone was good with me, then everyone expression faded" [,]. These lines suggest that Drake feels Kanye's attempts at reconciliation were insincere and that their feud was premeditated [].

The Making of "Red Button"

The title "Red Button" alludes to the illuminated button on studio recording equipment, indicating an active recording is in process or a track is ready to be laid down []. The song samples Lauryn Hill's song "Ex-Factor" (1998), which itself samples Wu-Tang Clan's "Can It Be All So Simple" (1993), and "Drag Rap" by the Showboys [].

Chart Competition and Collaboration

Drake and Swift have consistently been two of the biggest names in music, often vying for the top spot on the charts when releasing music around the same time. Despite the competition, the two artists have maintained a friendly relationship, with Drake even delaying his album release to avoid clashing with Swift's [,].

In conclusion, "Red Button" is a testament to Drake's lyrical prowess, his respect for fellow artists, and his thoughts on the music industry. The song is a fascinating insight into the mind of one of the most influential artists of our time.

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