The Bakersfield Three
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The Bakersfield Three

New No. 1 on the iTunes Top Podcasts chart: The Bakersfield Three by Casefile Presents.

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A Deep Dive into a Chilling Mystery

"The Bakersfield Three" is a gripping podcast series that delves into the chilling case of three friends who disappeared or were murdered within a month of each other in Bakersfield, California. The podcast, spanning over 15 episodes, is written and produced by former 17 News reporter Olivia LaVoice [kget.com, casefilepresents.com].

The Story Unfolds

The story revolves around Micah Holsonbake, James Kulstad, and Baylee Despot, who were all friends with common acquaintances. Holsonbake first went missing in March 2018. Two weeks later, Kulstad was murdered, and two weeks after Kulstad’s killing, Despot disappeared [kget.com]. The podcast takes listeners through the twists and turns of the case, including interviews with those involved, such as Micah’s mother, Cheryl Holsonbake [kget.com].

The Investigation and Trial

The case took a dark turn when Matthew Queen, the alleged former boyfriend of the missing Despot, was convicted of second-degree murder in the death of Holsonbake [kget.com]. Queen denied killing Holsonbake, but a jury decided there was enough evidence to support a conviction for second-degree murder, as well as kidnapping and assault charges filed in connection with separate incidents [kget.com].

The Podcast's Impact

The podcast has been praised for its in-depth reporting and respectful handling of the victims' families. Reddit users have commended the podcast for focusing on the victims’ parents and their efforts to seek justice for their children [reddit.com, reddit.com]. The podcast has also been lauded for its high production quality and the balance of narration interwoven with interviews from families and friends of the victims [reddit.com].

The Mothers' Quest for Justice

In addition to following the details of the case, the podcast also focuses on the three mothers who have banded together to seek answers in their children’s disappearances [kget.com]. These mothers, Diane Byrne, Jane Parrent, and Cheryl Holsonbake, have never stopped searching for answers and have even started the nonprofit Bakersfield 3 Charity to bring attention to these cases [turnto23.com].

Where to Listen

"The Bakersfield Three" is available on various platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, and wherever podcasts are found [kget.com, kget.com]. All 15 episodes were released on November 7, 2023 [kget.com].

"The Bakersfield Three" is a chilling exploration of a tragic mystery, a testament to the resilience of three mothers in their quest for justice, and a stark reminder of the dark secrets that can lurk in any town.

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