When a meteorite falls into the crater of Mount Oblivion, it causes a dangerous situation that could cause the volcano to erupt. It looks like the herds are going to have to move elsewhere, leaving Giganto behind. The four little dinos are crushed. What if Giganto doesn’t come with them? Will they have to say goodbye to him forever? No! They’ll just team up with Giganto and get rid of that boulder! But after they’ve saved Cretacia, Giganto is the one who leaves. Where is he going? And will he come back? / Life in Cretacia isn’t the same without Gigantosaurus. Termy has taken over with the raptors as her lieutenants, and she wants to destroy the little dinos’ den to build herself a new lake in the middle of the savanna. It’s looking grim for the four friends. It seems like Mazu, Bill and Tiny are giving up, leaving only Rocky to defend the den. Or is that just a clever ruse to thwart Termy and the raptors and get rid of them? Of course it is! The little dinos are pleased. They saved their home without Giganto’s help! Maybe they’re growing up. But they sure do miss their Big Friend. Hey! Who’s that outside…? Be prepared to learn the biggest discovery about Giganto for the season!