It’s time for Tiny to perform The Triceratops Trial, a very serious rite of passage that shows a triceratops’ strength and bravery. Unfortunately it’s not in Tiny’s nature to be serious. Rather than toss a tree, she’d much rather sing and dance! If Tiny fails, she’s going to have to go back to her herd to train all the time – and never see her friends again. But when her brother Trey gets in trouble with Giganto, Tiny proves she is a very strong and brave triceratops indeed – in her own unique way! / It’s no secret that Rocky idolizes Giganto. He decides he’s going to copy his every move to try to be more like him. But when Marsh, the young stegosaurus who idolizes Rocky, decides to do the same thing to Rocky, the parasaurolophus can’t take it! He ditches Marsh, hurting the stego’s feelings. But when Rocky puts himself into big danger imitating Giganto, he discovers that it’s a good thing his “shadow” is around!