Marsh tries to get into a ballgame with the four little dinos, but feels a little left out. He wanders off into the jungle, where the raptors pretend to befriend him. Cror and Totor trick Marsh into playing a game with them, all the while really just using Marsh to catapult stinky flowers on Giganto. But when things go wrong and Marsh is catapulted toward Giganto with the flowers, it’s the four little dinos to the rescue! Next time, they’ll be more inclusive in their games. / Bill is really bad at hide and seek. It’s so frustrating for him! So Bill’s three besties form a plan: They pretend that Bill is invisible so he can win at hide-and-seek for once. It’s a great idea until Bill becomes convinced that he really is invisible and can confront anyone he chooses. Suddenly timid little Bill is not so scared anymore and goes around Cretacia like a superhero, defending the rights of the common dino. He even has a bone to pick with Gigantosaurus…until he sees his reflection in Giganto’s gleaming scales and realizes he’s all-too-visible!