When Bill does something nice for Mazu, she brings him an extra-special treat: a delicious floating flower from the swamp. It’s special because it’s rare. The flower is a big part of Cretacia’s ecosystem and you can’t eat too many. But Bill’s taste buds fall in love at first bite, and he must have more! How much could eating a few more – dozen – flowers hurt? Um, a lot! Bill ends up disrupting Cretacia’s entire ecosystem, which ends up making Giganto very “hangry”! / After Giganto disrupts Bill’s coconut lunch, the little brachio has had it. He wishes Gigantosaurus would just go away and leave them alone forever! But when Giganto does disappear, suddenly things aren’t right in Cretacia. Bill realizes Giganto is important to them and keeps the power balance from tilting in Terminonator’s favor. It’s up to Bill and his three besties to find Giganto…and ultimately save him from danger in the Frozen Land.