While out playing tag, the four friends find an egg. Who can it belong to? As they venture around Cretacia to find the egg’s parents, Rocky starts to warm to the egg. But he can’t let his friends know that – cool dinos don’t get all cutesy-wootsie with little eggies! When the egg rolls over to Giganto, the little dinos hold their breath. Can a dino as big and cool as Giganto be gentle with something as fragile as an egg? / The foursome are competing to come up with the ‘funnest’ game over, and Mazu doesn’t want to be beat. So she turns Ayati into a dinosaur rollercoaster! But riding the big brachio tickles Ayati, and she loses her balance and falls over…and can’t manage to get back up. To get Ayati back on her feet, Mazu devises a pulley system that requires them to push a boulder off a cliff. But there’s only one dino strong enough to push it: Giganto!