There’s no doubt about it, life in Cretacia can be rough on a nervous dino like Bill. So many things scare him and cause him to shake all over! Case in point: When a large crevice rips through the ground, trapping the four little dinos in Giganto’s path, Bill is too scared to cross it. But when his good friend Tiny gets trapped by Giganto, Bill must overcome his fear to help her. / Tiny might be the silly one out of the four friends, but when her brother Trey tells the little dinos about a cave monster named “Shriekasaurus,” Tiny takes that to heart. She’ll never have the “tricera-chops” to go in that scary cave! But then the four little dinos are forced into the cave to hide from Gigantosaurus. While her other three friends are too afraid to take the lead, Tiny uses her sense of humor to guide them through the cave…and come face to face with Shriekasaurus himself!