All the lights in Brickabuild keep coming on at night and no one can get to sleep. Noddy opens his investigation. Bravely overcoming his own fear of the dark, he follows the clues to discover that the lights are being secretly turned on by a scared Carlton, who doesn't like the dark. Kind Noddy tells him that he's not the only one scared of the dark and after Carlton is given a cuddle device to cuddle, everyone can get a good night's sleep! Noddy's back on the case when a secret gift giver starts giving everyone presents in Toyland. Everyone wants to say thank you but no one knows the identity of the secret gift giver. By following clues and using his investigation skills, Noddy follows the trail to Animal Acres and discovers that Pat Pat and the Pockets are the secret gift-givers. Kind Noddy has a great idea and when Pat Pat makes her final delivery she finds a big pile of presents waiting for her from all her grateful friends. Thank you Pat Pat! Case closed!