During aerial training with Noibat, our heroes spot three Pokémon flying overhead at impressive speed. It turns out they’re headed to the Pokémon Sky Relay, an aerial race in which three-member teams of flying Pokémon compete against each other. An elderly gentleman named Ornithol offers his Sky Relay expertise, and Ash just happens to have three flying Pokémon, so they agree to work together! Fletchinder takes an early lead. Then, in the second leg, Hawlucha encounters an aggressive Pelipper that keeps trying to knock it out of the sky…and turns out to be a robot powered by Meowth! Team Rocket is disqualified just in time for Hawlucha to hand off to Noibat for the final stretch, where it almost pulls ahead at the finish line…but an opposing Starly wins by a beak. Our heroes are thrilled with Noibat’s performance, and Ornithol couldn’t be happier about finally competing in the Pokémon Sky Relay!