Our heroes have arrived in Shalour City, but the Gym is inside the Tower of Mastery, which sits on an island with no apparent way to get there. Korrina comes to meet them and advises patience, which gives Ash some extra time to train! His Pokémon have really picked up on Tierno’s rhythmic battle style, but it seems Ash doesn’t quite have the dancing skills to pull it off. Low tide reveals the path to the island, and our heroes cross, eager for a Gym battle—but first, Gurkinn has a history lesson for them! He tells how one of his ancestors discovered Mega Evolution along with his partner, Lucario, and mentions the family’s treasured Scroll of Secrets...which catches Team Rocket’s attention. The villains try to steal the scroll, but Korrina and her Mega Lucario quickly send them blasting off again! As thanks, Gurkinn decides to let his granddaughter and our heroes see the Scroll of Secrets…and much to their dismay, the “secrets” turn out to be his own common-sense rules for life, rather than any new information about Mega Evolution. But there’s no time for disappointment—it’s time for Ash and Korrina’s Gym battle!