Talking about race doesn't have to suck.
Craving shame-free conversations about race that toss judgment out the window? The Space Between Us™ is where everyday people connect through real conversations about race.

Customer Reviews

A safe space to be vulnerable

The Space Between Us offers bold, powerful, actionable tips in the “Brave Moments” episodes. I love the way you teach these moments and make them easy to remember. The combination of actionable steps and real life conversations are an incredible example for how we can all feel more connected to one another and bring greater awareness to how we may be miscommunicating so we can improve.

Love everything about this podcast

I love listening to people have real conversations. I love how nothing is off limits and how Krystle really listens to her interviewees and understands, breaks down goes deep into their thoughts and words.


Thanks for creating a safe space for real discussions to occur. This is exactly what our world needs right now.

A gorgeous conversation

The Space Between Us is a reminder to us all that we can learn from one another to understand each other more deeply and make our world the gorgeous place it deserves to be. Krystle’s skills as a listener and conversation starter are a true treasure that I am so happy she is sharing with us all. In this debut episode, Shayna Hobbs is honest & beautiful in both words and song. Thank you both for weaving threads of hope & compassion into our world and helping me belong.