Be CinematNIC. Filmmaker Nicole Russin-McFarland discusses movies, movies and nothing but movies. The podcast’s intimate one-on-one format gets to the heart of the matter like a personal conversation over coffee with a good friend. NOTE: Episodes begin after a short ad and may contain mid-roll ad sponsorships. The explicit content label is only because PG-13 and R rated films will get discussed on the podcast at times, and a guest may drop an occasional bad word.

Customer Reviews


Love this show. always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes.
-Tabby from Your New Best Friends podcast

Sharp & amazing film score coverage!

Henry Jackman’s interview is the best I have heard of a film score composer this year. I smiled listening to his insights. Thoughtful questions from Nicole. Presented casual, carefree, couldn’t get enough. I tuned in for Henry and stayed for the film reviews. Keep up the great work. Henry Jackman’s interview is engaging. I learned a few things. Please interview more film score composers.