Sophomore podcasters Sox and Monkey explore the depths of story and stupid jokes within the PlayStation exclusive game "The Last of Us" (and within themselves) in this half-season-at-a-time video game podcast.

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Great !

RH in da 412
I have wanted to listen to a long last of us discussion for a while and this is perfect. I am anxiously waiting for the left behind discussion

Fun & insightful

A minute in, I wasn't too sure about this podcast but needing a 'Last of Us' fix during my hour long commute when not being able to play was necessary to survive. So I endured, and 5 minutes in, I'm starting to feel it. First Buffy reference- SOLD. The hosts give interesting takes on things I have never thought of, researched data on characters and voice actors, and funny banter. Took me a few minutes to get into it, but I'm really glad I gave it a longer-than-usual chance. Thanks for the interesting content, can't wait to continue!

Like finding a brick on survivor mode

Auto Draft
Loving this! They’ve pointed out things that hadn’t crossed my mind (Bill’s rope trap was for humans, not infected for example). It’s given me an even greater appreciation for Naughty Dog if that was even possible. I enjoy the depth they go into on the notes and side stories as there is a lot of interpretation there. Keep up the good work!
I believe I found this podcast just through a Last of Us search on Apple Podcasts.

The Worst of Us

While I applaud the fact that someone made a podcast based on “The Last of Us”, this is... not great. From calling the infected “zombies” to delving into minutiae that is uninteresting at best, this podcast is a big miss. I’d love a podcast that is a deep dive into this wonderful game, but this isn’t it. Wishing the creators the best though, kudos for going out and trying it.

Humanity will never be the same

When Sox tested positive for the sickness, she gave into despair. It was only a matter of time. But Monkey told her- No. We will drive a video game across this broken landscape and find the cure.
Sox- There is no cure.
Monkey- But there are giraffes. And we could look at giraffes.
Sox- You’re weird.
Monkey- Here drink this and play this game.
Sox- Fair enough.