A hilarious drunken podcast about science stuff. Thesis: Listen, laugh, learn.

Customer Reviews

So relevant and just as entertaining

Big Brother B
It’s hard to deliver useful and important info while still making a show fun, but these ladies did it!

Informative yet entertaining

This is a great podcast filled with relevant scientic information presented in a fun and creative way. I love the bacteriophage episode!!

Hilarious and smart!

Fun podcast! Great to listen with a glass of red wine! Lol! Loved the grits debate, info on cancer, food deserts and how to measure obesity. I feel inspired to keep learning more! Thanks for an insightful discussion!

Science + Alcohol = Happy Listeners

As a lover of science (and alcohol) this is the perfect podcast for me to get my geek on in a fun way. I love how the content is accurate and entertaining. If you’re looking to learn about the body and pop open your liquor of choice, this is a great podcast to support.