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Mick WyldRyde85
Cool show but for someone that calls himself a KISS fan Greg really trash talks the band quite a bit with demeaning the bands lyrics and songwriting.Kinda comes off with this pompous “musician” attitude...I find it kind of annoying.But this is a fun podcast to listen to and the guys do a good job at what they do.

Awesome show!

Found out about you guys from the gang at “Pod of Thunder”. KISS, Metallica, Pumpkins and Megadeth are 4 out of my top 5 bands so I would give this 5 stars right away anyways lol. Happy to say though that I enjoy this show very much.

New fan!

Found these guys through Decibel Geek. Enjoy the metal talk, as Thin lizzy is my fave band and I also love KISS and metal!