One Fast and Furious movie, every two weeks, forever. Joey Lewandowski and Joe Two have nitrous oxide in their blood and gas tanks for brains, so grab any brew you want -- as long as it's a Corona -- and hop in the passenger seat. There's all kinds of family; we chose this one. Love the show? Hate the show? Let us know! Email

Customer Reviews

I’ve stopped listening to all other podcasts

Francoeur's Fallen Star
I used to listen to many podcasts until one day I ran across this one. Now I need nothing else. A hilarious and yet poignant look into the best and most realistic film franchise ever created. Joe and Joe 2 are continuously fun to listen to and bring in a thoughtful array of guests to dig deep into Dom, Brian, Letty, and The Family.
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5 stars!

Randomly stumbled across the podcast maybe 3 months ago. I’m a car guy and F&F fan, mostly the first 3 movies. I prefer the cheesy car one liners over the newer action focused movies. Anyways, love the banter and the rabbit holes you guys will go in over movie details. Anyways, keep it up and 5 stars!

The best Fast & Furious podcast

I’ve listed to every episode over the last 6 weeks and my opinions on this have spanned the entire range of human emotion but I finally accepted it. Joe and Joey have decided to do I what I didn’t and document the foolish endeavor to make this series last forever.
The guests keep the episodes fresh, and special mention to Wes who always comes in with the corrections I find myself shouting aloud in the car to no one in particular. If you can’t get enough of these movies, this is a great way to relive them every 2 months for eternity.
And since I know y’all will read this, “oil” is one syllable. It’s a diphthong, like “way.” It’s not “wa-ay.”

The ultimate fast and furious podcast

Never thought I’d want to watch these movies over and over and over but these guys make it enjoyable. Super funny and never boring. Highly recommend!

2fast2forever 4 Life

This podcast is like a combination of Fergie & Jesus. I listen to it and i feel like wait, is this actually fergie & jesus, but then i’m like no theyre better than fergie & jesus…theyre Joey & joey two & theyre talking about the greatest movie series under the sun. Give it a listen you’ll dig it

I'm a super-fan!

I really just enjoy listening to these guys talk, laugh and go off subject like the great friends they are, are bound to do. I followed them from their first podcast zacattack about Zac Efron. I haven't even seen all of this series of movies but if you have, do they have a podcast for you!

Awesome Podcast

These guys are great to listen to and they offer interesting perspectives and takes on movies i've seen over and over. Always looking forward to the next episode.


I'm a big fan of Joey and Joe Two talking about these movies. They make the world of cars and family more fun than I ever thought possible. I look forward to listening to and laugting at this podcast forever and ever.

Best Fast & Furious Podcast Out There

I’m a huge Fast & Furious fan and I’ve listened to every F&F podcast I could find over the last several years. This is by far my favorite. The hosts are entertaining without being over-the-top, they really seem to love the movies, and they can make jokes and poke fun while still maintaining a healthy respect for the films. The idea that they’re going to watch one movie every two weeks forever also allows them to get pretty creative with ways to keep things fresh. Their guest hosts are always enjoyable and often insightful about the movies in ways I had never considered. If you like the Fast and Furious franchise boy do I have a podcast for you!