Setting a course for the future of the Final Frontier, through DISCOVERY, PICARD, LOWER DECKS and more! Hosted by Rachael Clow (@neuroticlaundry), Chris Clow (@ChrisClow), Zaki Hasan (@zakiscorner), and Cicero Holmes (@StubbyStan)!
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Customer Reviews

Thank God! Intellectual people talking Trek

Chris the question master (always spot on).
Rachel the realist.
Cicero the feeling philosopher (I need his voice in my life). (Literally the sound of it).
Zaki keeps it all in perspective.
Every one of you brings a critical note to this composition; a vital chord to the opus that is Discovery Debrief.
I can’t get enough. And the diversity among the hosts? Vital and needed in our world today.

Feels like you're participating in insightful discussions about Discovery!

If you enjoy Star Trek and want to know more about or engage with its extensive history, this podcast is for you! Listening to these expert panelists (with such broad perspectives) makes you feel like you're participating in enjoyable and insightful expert discussions about narrative predictions, character relationships, and Discovery's place in the Star Trek universe writ large.
One of the things I learned from Debrief is that Star Trek: Discovery caters to hard core Trek fans, yet remains accessible to newcomers; Discovery Debrief is equally inclusive. Although I grew up watching Star Trek, I hadn't revisited it much as an adult, and had forgotten much of the rich lore of the Star Trek Universe(s?). Through Discovery Debrief, however, Chris, Rachael, Zachie, and Cicero's expertise helped guide me through the finer points and Easter Eggs that I otherwise would have missed. Listening to this podcast has brought so much insightful perspective and fascinating food for thought for my viewings of Discovery!
And hey-- if it's good enough for Captain Lorca, it's good enough for me!!

Best ST Discovery Podcast available

This group does a fantastic job breaking down the aired episodes, but don't neglect to do some specialized shows when the show isn't airing. They strike the perfect balance of reviewing each episode from the persepective of Trek fans, while not allowing their fandom from becoming baggage that can drag the show down. It's the perfect blend of a straightfoward review through the lens of franchise familiarity and adoration by fans. They keep it real, ya'll. So many other podcasts I've listened to can't let go of their ideas of what Trek should be to just analyze what this show is. Not with this crew. It's why it's my favorite Disco podcast. Keep up the great work!

For fans by fans

I underestimated just how much I would enjoy Star Trek Discovery and I’m glad to have found a podcast that is both critical where it needs to be but also shows that these hosts are passionate about the show.