Forth and Ten is a “sportsish” podcast hosted by three of Atlanta’s funniest comics: David Perude, Damon Sumner, and Nate Owens #SportsComedy

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Comedy and Sports

No other podcast gets me as excited the day of the drop as this podcast. Funny with some sports talk. Still laughing about the Team Tree or Team Wolf and many other arguments from years ago.

Pop Culture But Make It Sports

I am a HUGE fan of this podcast. In fact I've been listening for at least three years and it never fails to entertain. One time I was walking on the beach when Nate was roasting people who fish from the shore, and I literally ran into one of those fishing lines whilst not paying attention. So, needless to say, this podcast and these hosts absolutely have my heart. Sports? Not my thing. But if you want to pretend like you know this is the PERFECT podcast to learn from. Love them!!!!

The Greatest Sports-ish Podcast of All Time

Just came to say how much I appreciate that y'all have created something that is unique, entertaining and slightly informative. Nate is the life of the podcast and creates the controversy that sparks the arguments every good sports show needs. Dan is the guy who just takes it a little too far, but if you think about, isn't wrong. David keeps things lighthearted and is laughing at something every 30 seconds. Damon always come thru with the oldhead knowledge keeping everybody in line. Btw, LeBron is the GOAT. Yes I was born in '96, and no I don't recall watching Jordan play, but that's beside the point. If y'all run into Maria again, say whassup for me. Congrats to Nate and his wife. Keep up the great work and thanks for being consistent. As David would say, peace.

I can't breathe lol

Fund definitely the funniest part of my week. You guys bring up sports topics that major network's don't and cover the major sports news. Love everything that forth district puts out. Dan, keep showing kc some love. To David. Just saw that you are a missionary to white people... Hilarious. Maria! Get these guys paid.

People who leave four ⭐️are...

The normal thing to do here would be to blame Nate for the four stars BUT there is one review that made me cry laughing 🤣. So apparently, someone "generally likes" everything about this podcast EXCEPT Dan's football takes. The comment went as such "Dan knows NOTHING about football and most of his takes are OPPOSITE OF REALITY" Not reality tho 🤣. Bruh wrote 7 positive words in the comment and spent the rest of the time going in on Dan. I can't help but imagine this guy enjoying his listening experience and as soon as Dan hops in with a sports take he just launches his phone at the wall in disgust screaming "what is this filth 🤬?!". Dan, you got beef out here in these podcast streets ! What you gone do about it dawg ? Run up on bruh before you get done up fam ! 🤣🤣🤣
S/N: All four stars are still the product of Nate. Sorry dawg.


You don't need to be the most dedicated sports fan to give this a listen. David, Damon and Nate do a great job entertaining listeners with their comedic outlook on sport(ish) topics. One of iTunes hidden gems that deserves more recognition. Great job guys!
UPDATE - Not sure if I ever finished my initial review but was ready to give the podcast five stars then, and it’s still deserving after tuning in for over four years. These guys have been the MOST consistent on Forth District and continue to bring new laughs every week. Glad to have been along for the journey, and looking forward to even greater things for Forth & Ten! I’ll be joining that Patreon very soon for the preshow and bonus episodes.

New Review 5Stars

Been listening to these boys for years now and enjoy it more and more. Exciting to see Nate 2.0 and all the good life conversation and sports talk.
Keep it up.

Listener from Bermuda via Hong Kong

It's Long Distance.
I am a Bermudian living and working in Hong Kong. If you are ever on this side of the world, let’s link up for some Dim Sum.
I have listened to this podcast from the beginning. I was originally an Off The Record fan, but Fourth and Ten, you won me over with your consistency and I have been rocking with you ever since.
This show is funny, entertaining and the dirtiest, cleanest, sportiest, non sports podcast on Al Gore’s internet.
Can someone please explain to Damon who Bad Bunny is? In the last episode during the KD topic he asked 3 times. He was ignored 3 times. As a person who is a grown adult with a wife and kids, I understand your dilemma, Damon. I don’t know who this person is either. And I would like to know why Dan is offended by LeBron being on stage with him or her or it (not ruling out the possibility that we are talking about a rapping Hare). Dan is probably right but, without the context, I cannot know. Who is this Bunny and why are they bad?
David, you are talented and funny and I enjoy your takes however, if no one else is going to tell you, I will. Episodes with only you and Nathan are terrible. I listened, because I am a fan, but they are not great and, because between you and Nathan you are the most rational, I must blame you. Not that you are the cause, it is probably Nate, but you let it happen. Twice.
Guys, keep up the good work. I wish you every success. I’ll be listening - except when it’s just Nate and David - then, for reasons already explained, I will not partake.

Leave that white women alone!

Block the jock
Shout out to Nate for trying to cross the picket line in the latest episode. This podcast legit makes me laugh out loud....Damon is hilarious and Nate is right more than y’all give him credit for! Yea I said it!

Low Key the Funniest Podcast I've heard

Jared Ghetto
As you can tell from the title, this really is truly the funniest podcast I've listened to in a long time. Damon, David, and Nate are a classic comedy trio for a sitcom, but on a podcast. I've promised myself I would leave a review back in October when Nate tried to justify for him wearing a StarLord costume for Halloween. -ish had me dead, but I've always forgot to leave the review.
Then "Slutty thot"...
Lemme just say that whole New Years Bonus episode KILLED. That "Slutty Thot" bit between David and Damon about Nate's new life of "Thotum" was beyond BEYOND HILARIOUS.
Also Nate answering "Batmobile", and Damon answer "I knew in my soul that would be your answer". Keep up the good work boys, ya'll going far.

The 👏🏽 Best 👏🏽 (dot, dot, dot)

Love, love, love this podcast! Have been listening since the beginning. The concept of sports comedy is genius. I feel like these guys are my bff’s. It’s such a staple in my life and my household, my husband (who is a busy football coach and doesn’t like podcasts) says “let’s listen to your podcast” and I know Forth and Ten is what he’s talking about 😂. Keep up the greatness, fella’s!

This is @Kainan_Seth, here’s my hot take on F&T

Mannnnn, thank y’all for all you brothers been doing!!! I been listening to Forth & Ten for years since I was in high school! When Off The Record was poppin, I listened in when Forth & Ten was just starting up because I knew it would out last Off The Record because of consistency! I love Sho’s scattered creativity and strange love for soccer, along with Adán’s vocal career and weight-bearing locks, but them leaving OTR behind allowed for F&T to step into the spotlight!
Forth and Ten’s hosts are stacked. Packed with Damon’s non-South Louisiana self telling stories about his family and students with his non-foul foul mouth, Nate’s weird transition from hating everything while being a manny to having a large number of dislikes now, David’s natural hilarity, happiness at all times, and short run on TV (what happened, we need more!!!), and Dan’s presence as not being a host but being a host at the same time, these guys are so funny and make sports topics entertaining, interesting, and memorable for both sports-lovers and seasonal watchers alike!
This podcast is something everyone should take the time out to listen to on the drive to work, in the kitchen, on the way class, or just for Damon’s crap in the ocean and giggles! Also, if you are a long time listener, you’ll probably understand the following statements!
Damon, what did you do with Maria?
David, tell Lecrae to give you your CD back!
Nate, your hate has now been passed on to Dan!

Hilarious Podcast

This is easily one of my favorite podcasts! It’s the perfect blend of sports and nonsense. The different personalities of each host creates a unique dynamic. Any time something crazy happens in the sports world I can’t wait for the next episode of Forth and Ten to hear everyone’s hilarious take. I’m hoping one day you guys do a live show in Northern California. Keep up the good work!

Review Number 3

Alisha Shaunt'e
Ok so this is my third review. I did my own last year some time, I took my sis phone to write a review last week and now I got my wife’s phone. We all three love the podcast, but I’m the only one that knows how to rate and review. So here it is.
Show definitely deserves 5 stars. Great comedy and subpar sports takes are always funny. Here are things I like about the show:
Keep it up guys! By the way, let me know when you’re close to KC, MO. We would love to come see you all perform. Even if it’s in Columbia, MO, St. Louis, Topeka, KS., Wichita, KS. Omaha, NE...anywhere close and we will be there! We’d love to support you all!

Forth and Funny

Preston Smith aka Pervy
The guys are hilarious! Whether it's satire, banter or jus plain funny, sports never sounded so comical. Someone get Nate to watch the Great Debaters haha. #sayItWitYaChest #MARIA. All the stars!

This is Marqus...Again

marqus rose
Ok so this is Marqus. I wrote a review last year sometime where I said didn’t like the show at first because the buzzer was too loud. Anyway, I “borrowed” my sister’s phone to write this review because she hadn’t done it yet. Anyways, I still love the Podcast. She does too. She just don’t know how to write a review. Anyways, here are my favorite moments from the podcast since I last wrote my review:
-Back of the Knee
-Damon thinking noodling is “lesbian fun”
-Flavor complexions
-Damon thinking showing his first great junk is better than getting mono
-Damon singing the Thong Song
-Nate getting roasted to the point he had to close the show (recent episode)
I just notice Damon is in the middle of most of these. That’s why he’s the cleanest dirtiest comic on the show. Anyways, we love the show. Definitely 5 stars. Maybe 6 to make up for the person who took away the star for Nate bombing.

Funny podcast

My husband, Trenton, started listening to this podcast. This is probably the only podcast I can actually tolerate. They are hilarious!!

Dan doesn’t know anything about football.

Love the podcast, it’s generally pretty good, but Dan knows nothing about football and most of his takes are the opposite of reality. Recently said that Ohio State doesn’t have a championship caliber defense and LSU has a great defense which is the complete opposite. Maybe if he watched more than Georgia football, he would see that LSU’s defense is suspect this year.

The Best Part Of My Week

Mariaaaaaaaaaaa! Come back! We miss you!!!


Shout out to these guys and Forth District network for a quality podcast. I cue up Forth and Ten almost everyday driving home from work. Listening to these guys is like carpooling with four hilarious homies all piled into my Honda Civic together. Their takes on sports, life, and culture help me destress on the way home from the office, helping me be a better husband and dad. For real. Keep up the great work — would love to see y’all do a show in Seattle one of these days.

Big Black Dog1026

Dan duncan 8465367554
My favorite quote that has aged well from the podcast. “Ladies listen up if your man can’t tell you he was stupid or dumb leave him, right now, right now. Somebody tweet me and say “thank you” cause your welcome.” - Damon.

Such a great podcast, it got me into podcasting!

Love y’all’s chemistry. This podcast always keeps me laughing! Thanks for inspiring me to finally start my own podcast!

Brand New Review Right Here

I started listening to Forth & Ten a little over two years ago when Nate shamelessly plugged it after his set at The Funny Monkey open mic. True to form, he was wearing a Jumbo Shrimp hat and a Braves jersey that looked suspect...
I’ve seen all three hosts at various mics around town since and their comedy skills definitely translate to the podcast perfectly. I love the dynamic of Nate’s funny, but uninformed opinions vs everyone else. Dan’s knowledge & fact-checking combined with Damon & David’s sharp wit always makes for a good roasting.
My Personal Favorite Forth & 10 memories:
Accidentally choking on a french fry listening to Damon talk about finding his mom’s ‘Algorithms’
The shock when David beat Dan (an Athens survivor) in a chug-off
Introducing the ‘slur’ ‘utter-tuggers’ to some friends at a bachelor party and them using it all weekend
I beat y’all in the Forth & $5 March Madness bracket and never saw that $5. WDE
Patiently waiting on the basketball shoot-out video.
Very Funny.
Very Sports-ish.
Keep Em Coming.

Ads are killing me

This would have been a five star review if it weren't for those ads! They literally make for a bad listening experience. I'm a longtime listener and love the show...just fix the ads!

10 September 2019

David, I put the date so you knew this one was new.
I like this podcast it is Get the new iPhone X at T-mobile and get one free. Only at T-mobile, don’t miss out.
I figured I’d leave a commercial in the middle of my review in honor of how they never come in the right place 😂
Seriously though, love this podcast. These guys are great comedians and Nate is also on the podcast.

5 stars for the pod minus 1 for Nates stand up

Saucy Sanchez
I was stoked to see the some of the fourth and ten crew live at the 1am secret show Sunday (9/8/19) only to see Nate bomb his set. I wanted to go up to him after the set to tell him the classic Damon “So how do you feel that went?” but he was OUT OF THERE! So I’m writing a review to tell him to “Do Better!” and to keep him accountable when Damon’s not there. To Nate’s defense though the broken glass in the middle of the set didn’t help. Even though Nates stand up failed me this podcast never has. I don’t think I have ever laughed harder in my life than when Damon roasted Nate for not talking about marriage or when David was confused how the same white people that made the crock pot die senselessly. This podcast has awkward advertisement placements and Nates transitions are below par so if this podcast was a girl at a party at first glance she would 6 but Damon and David is the personality that makes her a 8 or a 9. Speaking of doing better this Luke warm sports podcast that is consistently funny on a weekly basis has enhanced my life and made me a better man. I was once a hardcore republican like Dan but David the missionary to white people has helped be better. This podcast is really out here changing life’s and sharing different perspectives. So I think a little bit of credit and praise needs to be given to Dan for starting the fourth district network but on the other hand though he needs to “Do Better!” and bring back (Don’t Do That Bro) and (Off The Record). All that being said I really appreciate y'all for bring me laughs every week and making my life better.

TikTok ya don’t stop

Been listening for a few weeks, had to immediately come rate and review after David trolled Nate’s TikTok rant by live posting it on TikTok.
Come for the occasional sports discussion, consider leaving for the random double ad breaks, stay for the next level troll instincts.

Western North Carolina loves you!

Guys! I love listening to the show, every week I wait for it to come out. I work out of my car and you are one of the few podcast and I get super excited about coming every week. I tell all my friends to support you guys in a few of us listen to you talk about is on taco Tuesdays. I’ll like and say is keep up the sports, it’s it’s like Barstool but better and southern!!
Heath Stewart
Mountains of NC

Why I am a Patron and you should be to

I became a patron a few months ago after being a listener for a while. It’s more then just another podcast (which is hilarious). You are able to interact with the guys and other fans on Slack and its amazing to see the community of people that have come together to support these talented artists. Plus they actually interact with the listeners. I contacted Nate bc I saw that he and Damon were preforming in Greenville the same weekend my wife and I were going to be there. Nate put our names on the list but when we were ready to leave our child had an issue that caused us to be late. When we got there the show was sold out, but Nate got us in anyway and we were able to hear Damon kill it on stage. If you’re not a Patron you need to get on board before these guys get take off, you’ll regret it if you don’t.

These dudes are funny

These guys are the reason I actually now look forward to long drives. Always laughing and having a good time when I tune in. David holding ground with solid input, funny quips and an infectious laugh, Dan keeping it real behind the glass, Nate... I would throw shade but after seeing him live he’s actually a cool dude, and my man Damon pushing the boundaries and always keeping it funny. Once you get hooked on this show GO SEE EM LIVE! If laughter is the best medicine these guys are the limitless drug. Go sports!
Also you should make a shirt with the tag line “out here in these streets” I’d buy it

Good medicine

They say laughter is the best medicine. I can’t get enough.
My co-workers think I’m crazy because I listen on earbuds they never see so it looks like thin air is real funny.
Hope to see them at a show someday.

Secret Show

My journey with Forth & Ten is a 6 degrees of separation journey! 1st met them @ a secret show in Nashville! What you hear is what you get! Best dudes out there!
3 reasons to listen:
A. Need sports news to use when in a crowd?! They have the latest.. lol
2. Need a pick me up? Listen to them roast Nate, David laugh or Damon come up with words that are “eloquent” to keep it PG-13! 🤣
III. Genuinely hilarious guys who are top notch humans.

Really Good Podcast.

Read Above.

Longtime Listener, First-Time Reviewer (Long Review)

I’ve been listening to this podcast since almost the beginning. I learned about it when Sho Baraka shared an “Off The Record” on socials & found the rest of Forth District as a group as a result. At the time, Nate & David were only a few episodes in & Damon was about to be a guest as he was moving to ATL around that time. I’m glad Damon went from being an extremely regular guest to an actual cohost as the podcast would not be the same without him. His takes are hilarious, his friend-loving attacks on Nate are spectacular, & he brings a maturity (& immaturity) that we probably wouldn’t see without him.
If the only thing David did on mic was laugh, that’d be fine as his laugh is contagious. Thankfully he does more than laugh & gives good takes as well as being Damon’s hype man in attacking Nate, every so often taking the lead in these attacks.
Dan has been there since the beginning, but there was a long period where he tried to stay off mic as much as possible to just let the hosts run wild with the podcast...I hated that. When Dan started becoming more vocal on the podcast, it was great as he rounded out the feel of the podcast as he was the one person not on the podcast that was a comedian, but could give even more in-depth knowledge of sports for the guys where they were less confident & would be the person with the strongest snipes on Nate when he lines up his shot.
Lastly, there’s Nate. His sheltered upbringing shows in his difficulty to defend even the points he is correct on when questioned. His #NateHates segment has become a major staple of the podcast as he detests so much it is astounding. His first expression of hate appeared on the very first episode, long before the segment came into existence, where he hated on the wave. There are two fan sects of Nate with this show known as #teamnate & #natenation as he has people on socials that actually back him up (as surprising as it is to his hosts). I, myself, am I #teamnate person as I can find myself agreeing with him often, but refuse to take residency in always agreeing with him (like his undying love for Batman where it’s a good thing he’s a work of fiction or else Nate could get very disturbing).
Overall, the podcast is great (been listening since 2015 when it started), the guys are very interactive on Twitter, & they are great to meet in person & to watch doing stand-up. Even if you aren’t a sports fan, I’d recommend this due to the comedy alone (&, David, if you read this whole review on the podcast, I'll join on Patreon as soon as I hear it, because I will have made you read too much).

Finally, another new review

Great podcast! Started listening a while back b/c I knew Damon from KAA in 2007. Back then I knew he was one of the funniest people I had ever met in my life! Fast forward and he’s on the come up in the comedy world doing big things!
Keep pushing guys. Fix your ads, whoever edits them into the audio is trash (they must do it for free).
I’ve missed each time you guys have been to NC, but if you’re ever near Raleigh again hopefully I can check it out. Tell Nate not to be afraid of those moist, slippery back seals!
- Ian Walker

Best Podcast...Operation: Nate’s Gravy Boat

I’ve been listening to you guys since your first episode ever. I’m talking early Forth District, “David wanting to shoot his shot at Maya Moore at a Sho Baraka concert” type days. I hope you guys continue your success as a collective & keep this thing going. Damon never needs to ride a Greyhound again, and avoid hugging Mrs. Owens at all cost (“He knew her” LOLOL)! David needs to shoot his shot at Maya next time & stop procrastinating! Nate needs to do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to make his relationship work so he too can experience the satisfaction of a gravy boat, and make sure Damon doesn’t hug his mom again!
P.S. - Tell Dan to keep his guard up at all times b/c Dee-1 might steal off on him when he sees him for all the times Dan dissed his music LOLOL

Great podcast

Love the show. Hope to see y’all live one day. Your podcasts among others has inspired me to start my own. Keep goin!!!

David, this is a new review.

The Chuckling Commuter
Off top, you guys are the kinds of people that I really love spending time with because your comedy is super natural. Many podcasts I’ve listened to that try to be funny come across as contrived or disingenuous. The four of you come across as four guys who are friends and are actually funny.
That said, Nate’s takes are trash and I’m here for them.
Keep up the great work. I would love to see more brackets like your March Madness bracket.

Shooting another shot!

I’ve actually reviewed before (look for “Nathan Owens, GameStop Manager”). Thought I would get the opportunity to hear it read, but was not to be. But it is what it is. Will still continue to rock with you guys regardless.
I’m actually listening thru the podcast episodes for the 4th time. Like I said before, you guys NEVER GET OLD. I almost died laughing yesterday hearing again about Dan taking a dump in the ocean. Dan, you’re still wrong for that 😂😂.
Damon, I feel like I can relate most to you because amongst my friends, I can be the voice of reason and the cause of comical chaos at the same time, lol. Dave, you are one of those guys that is so funny that you can make people laugh just by laughing yourself.
Nate...after all this time, you are still the easiest target to roast I’ve ever heard 😂😂. But I respect you bro...real talk ✊🏽.
Keep up the awesome work, fellas!!
#NathanBrady #bootymanhere #backoftheknee #gimmedatbow #confetti #gravyboat #booboointheocean #mermaidsarenotreal #nomoresenselesswhitedeaths #theoldiesarestillgoodies

Happy Easter...

I’m hoping I can help y’all get to 150! I love this podcast and it regularly has me laughing out loud! I’m a somewhat of a Nate fan. I agree with a lot of his starting statements but he just can’t seem to argue his point. (Y’all should get him in debate classes or something.) Sometimes I feel like the man gets an abnormally large amount of hate but then he says something wild and I just shake my head. Really the guy just has some very black and white hot takes on some very specific things. If he can learn to think in the gray more often then 2019 is going to be his year!!

Maybe this is 150...

Been a long time listener, finally getting around to doing a review. You guys are dope, except for the rare Mississippi hate (I think I heard some of that). Nate, I'm praying for you. You need it.

Favorite Podcast

Bray Forte
So I gotta start this review off by saying that when you guys held a “nominate a Nate” contest... I was the guy in the winner’s video 😅 Our whole friend group lost it when I was chosen as the honorary Nate so thank you guys for those laughs. On another note, love the content. You guys always keep me laughing and make my car rides home from college much more enjoyable. Keep it up fellas! #HonoraryNate


Let me first start off by saying that I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to you guys over the past month or so. I am currently training for an endurance race and this has helped to pass the time in a humorous yet entertaining way.
However, after listening to the last episode where some comments were made about team Nate, I had to give a rebuttal. I cannot believe that someone who claims to know so much about sports cannot understand of the difference between a winning mentality and a winning record. In the words of Randy Moss, “C’mon Man”, Nate it’s not that difficult to understand this logic, even a comedian like you should be able to get this.
Dan was correct, because I was in fact hating you while listening to your ignorant words come out of your mouth. Hopefully #TeamDDD can talk some sense into you this week!
Love you guys and keep up the good work!
#TeamDDD (Dan, David and Damon)
-Charlie E.

Team Nate - funniest spots ish podcast

The more I listen to this podcast the more I agree with Nate and the more I hate myself for it. Love the show and these guys are great! I hope this thing takes off, they deserve all the success! I feel like they are family and we been growing with them this whole time 😭

Best podcast Eve....

First off if you're not a Patreon YOURE WRONG! Do it! These guys are so funny! I look forward to each episode and always am laughing out loud. I sometimes want to be on team Nate but he goes to far and goes down with the ship. David, Damon, & Dan you guys are good friends to Nate. Keep up the great work guys!
#bebetter #gravyboat #confetti #sleepingshorts #backoftheknee

Finally reviewed...

J Kami
I must admit, this review is months in the making. With all the stuff going on in the world, this is a podcast I look forward to every week. The camaraderie between these guys is great. Even though I agree with Nate more often then I would be comfortable stating, Damon, dave, and that other dude keep him humble. Keep it poppin’ boys!

Nate is right sometimes....

Ever since my dad decided to play this podcast I really enjoyed it and looked forward to listening to it. I love the comedians on this show. But lately it seems like all y’all like to do is gang up on Nate even when he’s RIGHT. If anyone else were to say Nate says they’d get a pass but because he’s Nate he gets called fat or single because of his opinions. I get that y’all are his friends but friends shouldn’t go so hard EVERY EPISODE on this dude. I still love this podcast a lot so keep being funny. BUT DO BETTER

Before long, my whole office will be listening to you guys.

I'm quickly getting my coworkers on to you guys because this is quality work. Our water cooler talk has been so much more fun lately because of your crazy (sometimes accurate) opinions on things. We're pretty much all #teamNate Also, personally, I appreciate sports but not sports podcasts. Except this one. So thanks for only being "sports-ish" instead of SPORTS.

The only sports podcast.................

Wes Brawner
I love sports. But sports talk often gets repetitive and boring... enter Forth and Ten. There is enough sports to be interesting, and so much comedy, that you won’t stop laughing. From Damon’s take on “it can’t be that hard to take care of a horse” to Nate’s often questionable takes on just about everything, you won’t regret subscribing. Also, mermaids aren’t real...