Comments about culturally relevant topics through the lens of the historic Christianity by theologian, Krista Bontrager.

Customer Reviews

Best Theology Podcast!

Krista is my FAVORITE theologian to learn from right now. Recordings from the Foundations Bible Class at her church are excellent. I also love her weekly discussions with Monique and some of the shorter clips touching on specific topics/Bible chapters. love that she’s an incredibly well studied woman and mom - I’m so inspired! I’ve been incredibly blessed by her ministry and am praying that God would expand her influence because people need this type of teaching in today’s culture that is hostile to historical Christian beliefs.

Theology Mom podcasts

Patcheak Family
These podcasts are insightful, equipping and leave room for one to think through the topic his/herself. We need more podcasts like this.

Original Thought.

Michael Loftis
A lot of people just repeat whatever is trending in Christian circles, but Theology Mom has original content (which is basically what has been true since the beginning of time).
That makes her stuff interesting. Highly recommend her stuff!