On a somewhat sporadic basis, you can listen to Ryan, a lover of movies and the statistics therein, review movies that he's seen recently, dive into the in depth spreadsheet that he uses to track everything he watches, and provide insight into a variety of other movie-related topics including the Academy Awards, Fantasy Movie League, Letterboxd Scavenger Hunts, and many more.

Customer Reviews

Review of the review of Silence

He completely misses the point of how religion, especially Christianity, is portrayed in the story. There is a serious failure to understand the intricacies and complexities of belief versus doubt and physical pain versus spiritual compromise. I think the only reason he rated the movie in the high 60s is because the movie was critically acclaimed.

Thoughtful movie analysis from an avid movie fan

I'm currently binge-listening to this podcast. I'm really enjoying his combo of thoughtful, story-based analysis of movies (new and old) as well as lots of discussion about the relative merits of different films by the numbers. He watches hundreds and hundreds of movies a year and has an extensive knowledge of movies, and his shows sound good and are one of the only podcasts with only one hosts that's worth listening to. I definitely recommend!