Join insane comedic human beings John Dredge and Andy Harland as they take a bizarre verbal stroll through the canyons of their own minds. There will be scintillating subjects galore, as well as many other things which have yet to be undecided.
Conversation will flow freely in a disorderly fashion, so why not grab a cup of biscuits and an artichoke, sit back, and listen to the nonsensical ramblings of this pesky duo of duos. Slightly skewed and super-strange, John and Andy will keep you confused for a half hour at a time – that’s the DredgeLand promise. Or is it?
And if you contact us @DredgeLand with your ridiculous tweets and sayings, a green inflatable trilby hat could be yours. Get on the DredgeLand Express today, and may your banjos never become detuned. Ker-pow!

Customer Reviews

Easy Listening for a Content Packed Podcast

Mister Pankake
This podcast has two funny guys who create a podcast that is definitely something perfect for a morning commute or a relaxing afternoon! John and Andy play off of each other and are always prepared with what they are going to say next in order to streamline content that is worthy of any sensible chuckle! Give these guys a listen!