"This Week: Disassembled" is a weekly podcast discussing politics, culture, and intersectionality. Jim and Aaron discuss some of the week's most consequential events and topics, creating a meaningful dialogue during a divisive era.

Customer Reviews

Flawless coverage of all sports with a dash of current events

I stumbled upon the Carolina #KnicksTape podcast late last year while trying to get any edge I could in my fantasy football league. I had hoped to get some information from a lesser known podcast (since a lot of my league members listen to all the big ones) While the show's focal point was not fantasy sports as I had hoped, I got so much more than expected. It is refreshing to hear a podcast that stays true to sporting events, but is not scared to delve into issues in today's society and how they directly pertain to the sporting world. Host Aaron Pellot and Co-host Jim Heenehan offer a classic new school vs old school dynamic that is always entertaining (Bonus points to Jim for his Celtics fandom) While they both clearly grew up in different eras, it's nice that they are both very knowledgeable of both past AND present events in all the major sports. If you want expert takes from basketball to soccer and everything in between AND the occasional laugh, I highly recommend you check it out. You won't be disappointed.