Listen in as one friend introduces another to Doctor Who through the magical assistance of alcohol.

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These guys never take themselves seriously. Instead, you get to hang out with a couple of dudes with some drinks, as they walk you through an episode with wild speculation and a humor that is often intellectual and juvenile at the same time. After a few episodes they really get the banter down and it's really fun if you're rewatching the series to take them with you.

Drunktor Who

Want to have fun and listen to a Doctor Who podcast at the same time? This one's for you. An experienced Whovian and a Who neophyte watch a new Who episode, drink, and comment. I have been on my first re-watch of the new series and have enjoyed the Drunktor Who commentaries thoroughly. There's no whining about crummy show runners or bad writers. You're not going to get the latest Who news. But you'll have fun.
The bar is open-pull up a chair!

Clever title, funny podcast

Marty Holden
Periodically search for new Who podcasts and found this one. I've burned through the first 3 episodes so far and have enjoyed the banter between the hosts. I didn't learn anything about Doctor Who that I didn't already know but I really like the odd tangents they go off on. I'm adding this one to my more serious Who based podcasts because sometimes you just need to turn off the brain and laugh.