Each episode is jam-packed with TACTICS and TOOLS to explode your business and leadership. Are you ready to #growandgrind?

Customer Reviews

Love this podcast..❤️❤️

Maria Medeiros
So many golden nuggets 💕

Value & enjoyment in every episode!

i was blown away
As a mortgage loan originator it is about getting better every single day. If you are looking to grow & get better I recommend starting from the first episode and listening to each & every episode. I not only listen to all new episodes and re listen to old episodes, I utilize every single piece of information and knowledge in my every day life. The value from this podcast is priceless!

This is my Favorite Podcast

This podcast transcends the normal monologue that you get from podcasts. It is actually building a community of loan officers that are looking to change people’s lives. We support each other through the Facebook group and each Thursday we’re blessed with information that is relevant, timely, and useful in building our careers as loans officers. Thank you to Steve and the team that puts this podcast together. You’re doing a great job!

Finally what I've been Looking for!

Close to 4 years in the business and only one week listening to this podcast! Amazing, the break down of these scripts are wonderful. I certainly have been working on making them my own and having my personality influence the style delivered but the concepts of battling rate and fees, do not send out LEs, Lead not Sell. All amazing content that can truly build excellent approaches that are scalable.
Within the first weekend of adapting some of these approaches, I have already saved a loan that I wouldn't have saved (with my prior methods) and have a much clearer connection and system to managing my current pipeline.
Huge Ups for this everyone. Take a break from music in the car and start and end your day with these and if you have a natural drive to Grow. You will see changes in yourself and your business 💯💯💯

Thank You! - New Loan Officer

I’m a new loan officer and this podcast is helping me grow my business and tighten my skills as an LO. Thank you for helping us grow as LOs.

Good podcast. I enjoy it

Poopsock and Ruther love
Can’t hear the guests on your latest podcast on goal setting. Should do more often. I’ll do one with ya. Call me. -Patrick Allen

Please do more!

I have been bingeing these podcasts and I am wanting more! Do you plan on having additional podcasts soon? These are great tips and tactics and they get me fired up every morning on my way to work as I listen and re-listen to this podcast. Thank you!

Love the podcast!!!

Practical tools and tactics to grow your business. Love it!!

Fantastic Material!!

Great material!!
Where could we get soft copies of the scripts?

Great material that makes sense!

I'm just starting off in the mortgage industry and this is helping me so much! I can't wait for the many more to come Steve!

I'm impressed and excited to hear more!

Codowlsky Polopumus
This is excellent material for new loan officers or for someone who has been in the industry for 20+ years.
In the beginning of my career, I sought out and researched any training material I could get my hands on. As time progresses and we make some money, we start thinking we know it all.
I've noticed lately that I've become complacent and I think my clients are often walking away from closing with a mediocre experience. Started doing some research online and found this gem! Steve gives real world examples and isn't shy about sharing his strategies, scripts or process.
Can't believe I didn't find it sooner. Please keep it up Steve!

Great tactics and system

PL Fan.
Steve does an amazing job sharing his system for being successful. None of the parts are complicated, but with following with discipline will help anyone grow their business. This podcast is well worth your time.