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@DavidKeyGuzman I heard and knew many stories that not many children's families including parents are not willing to learn sign language for deaf children. Why barrier to communication? I'm grateful to have my deaf parents that provide communication access. But I have my thoughts for my beloved friends and people who are in this situation. I encourage to spread this music video to show the communities how any deaf Latinos can do much more like me as an artist in Hollywood.
DID YOU KNOW? We are deaf that we learn education through eyes instead of ears. Education provides me better capacity to participant the multi activities in life. I own vehicles, I live a rent house to myself and taking care of my family. I have several great jobs. I'm an independent man. Education is what enable my abilities to be independent.
Don't barrier deaf children's visual from education. Sign language is just lovely. We are intelligent just like other being human. Spread this awareness to change for better world.
Regulo Caro is a busy man as a famous singer, however, he still can find his time to show compassion towards the deaf community by sacrificing his value time just to learn many cool sign language. Look at him! He is the greatest role model. We love you Regulo Caro for making the world as a better perspective! May we bring you to the GLORY!!!