Narrated by RuPaul Charles, this award-winning film chronicles Tammy Faye's personal journey from the genuine love-at-first-sight encounter with Jim Bakker and making of the most successful television ministry, to being crucified in the court of public opinion. Extensive, revealing interviews by those on the inside will both shock and endear. Delve deep into the not-so-Christian scandals and million dollar lies that devastated the empire and destroyed her family. Be enlightened with Tammy Faye's unique personal philosophies that helped her carry on. In spite of it all, Tammy Faye never lost hope in two things- extra thick mascara and Jesus Christ.

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Something about Tammy Faye really draws you toward her. In the beginning of the film her character was very different, unique, and beautiful. And later on I discovered that this woman was truely a being who had so much love to give, no matter who you were. Especially the part where she really put the reality check on HIV for the gay community, I think that was very brave, real, and compassionate.

5 stars

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While never a big fan of Tammy Faye in life, this documentary puts the records straight. Tammy was a soldier of the highest order-fearless-wearing her heart on her sleeve, and asking for nothing in return. Eccentric perhaps, but delivering honest self-appraisal.The ridicule this poor woman suffered at the hands of inept phonies and so-called Christians was criminal. Phonies undermining "real deal" independent thinkers, who only made living a softer, more tolerable experience. You can thank the spineless American media for yet another exercise in non-conformist persecution. Jokes on you-Tammy Faye weathered it all-undaunted-having the the last laugh on you. RIP Tammy Faye.

An amazing documentary about an amazing woman.

I've watched Tammy Faye as a child since her PTL days and was fascinated by her. As an adult I watched the crisis she and her family survived and became more amazed and interested in her spirit. I became a fan and appreciated her commitment to her faith after watching her on the Surreal Life and then seeing this film. Tammy Faye was a gift to the world and was a true christian. She held her faith but never judged another. She was always loving and accepting of everyone regardless of your faith, or lack of, your lifestyle or personal struggles. In a world full of judgment, hate and a quick habit of dismissing others because they are different Tammy Faye was a true disciple of love and acceptance. I miss her. I hope you buy or rent this film so you can understand my passion for her.

Best Documentary I've seen in Years

I saw this movie 5 years ago, When Tammy was only the Show Surreal life. I really didn't know much about her prior to this movie. But after this movie, I was a fan of Tammy Faye. You have to see the movie to Understand what I'm talking about.