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The Louisville MC is leaving Nun on the table. Hear it in Spatial

EST Gee’s I Never Felt Nun is a continuation of a mixtape series that began in 2020 with Ion Feel Nun, continued with I Still Don’t Feel Nun), and, in 2022, finds that same detachment maybe stronger than ever. Feelings, however—or a pronounced lack thereof in Gee’s case—aren’t wholly indicative of self-awareness, and the MC knows exactly who he is across I Never Felt Nun.

EST Gee stands proudly atop his own street general mythology on songs like “Shoot It Myself,” “Hell,” and “Both Arms.” He’s cranked his aggression up to about an 11 (at least) for veritable war hymns like “Come Home,” “Bow and Say Grace,” and “Blood,” but there’s plenty of wisdom to absorb from songs like “Have Mercy,” “I Can’t Feel a Thing,” and “Is Heaven for a Gangsta.” He disarms, if only briefly, for the Bryson Tiller collab “Sabotage” and perhaps the grizzliest love song in recent memory, “Double Back,” but closes out the tape with “The Realest,” a clear celebration of the countless hands he’s won with the cards he was dealt.

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